Thursday, May 5, 2011

From the HOA Board

Yocona Ridge Homeowners,

Thank you for your continued support of the arduous task of developing and implementing a fair and functional Homeowners Association.  We also appreciate your responses to the mailed letter regarding the by-laws and covenants.

The board would like to remind you that the by-laws are purely a procedural document that is used to enforce the covenants set forth by the developers of the neighborhood.  The covenants, in part or whole, may not be waived for 25 years and a 75% approval vote through recorded instrument of the homeowners.  Please see letter Y of the covenants for the full wording.  This means that we, the board have been entrusted by you, the homeowner, to enforce the document as is.  We recognize that the existing covenants do not fully cover all issues of interest in the neighborhood (e.g. lawn maintenance, roaming pets, cars/boats/trailers, among many others), but we are not legally allowed to enforce these desires unless the existing covenant is amended.  After legal consultation, it has been deemed appropriate that we may amend, but not remove within the covenant.  This was the rationale for the letter sent to you previously.  In this letter, we asked for suggestions for amendments that the board would then present to the neighborhood to vote to accept or reject. 

Based on recent comments, which were not previously submitted to the board as possible amendments, we would like to again ask for possible additions, not reductions, of the existing covenants.  We will combine these requests to the existing suggestions and present them as a whole for the neighborhood to vote.

The board would also like to respond globally to the communication regarding political and other signage placed on property.  Please refer to letter W in the covenants for the support of our previous email.  We would also like to remind conscientious homeowners to submit their concerns about covenant violations to the board so that the board can enforce them.  We believe that the objective board will be fair and just in its decisions regarding covenant violations.  The procedure for this has been set forth in the posted by-laws.

Further, while we fully appreciate the support given and responses, we ask that communication remain in a calm, pleasant, and positive manner.  We encourage communication and hope that we, as a board, are progressing in a transparent and open manner.  We believe that energy spent on negative remarks and complaining serves no positive outcomes, but stirs up animosity among homeowners.  Instead, we ask that you spend this energy helping and maintaining a pleasant, safe, and welcoming neighborhood so that everyone’s’ investment remains protected and strong.

Thank you,

Yocona Ridge Homeowner’s Associate Board

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